Zackry Bucknor AKA DeLtaSt8 is a Jamaican-Canadian music producer.  Growing up in Scarborough Ontario, Zackry has been exposed to music his entire life either through his parents playing their own, neighbours, school events or his local church.  He began to take an interest in music in the 5th grade, joining his elementary schools band playing the trumpet as well as taking piano lessons. In middle school, he took up the alto saxophone in grade 7 and tenor in grade 8 as part of the music course offered by his school.  He was also selected to take part in the iDrum empowerment program which allowed him to learn to play the djembe and learn West African and Caribbean rhythms.

In the 9th grade, Zackry began playing in his local churches band as the drummer and would continue to do so throughout high school.  It was in November of 2010 while attending Rosedale Heights School of the Arts, that Zackry first began making beats using FL Studio.  Taking the moniker DeLtaSt8, he began practicing and honing his abilities, releasing his first compilation on April 2nd 2012.  This was the first major milestone as a beatmaker and would continue to release 3 more albums throughout his highschool years.  To aid in his theoretical ability, he took a vocal music class from grad 9 to 11 but continued to sing in his schools men’s choir in grade 12.

While working on his own music, DeLtaSt8 has worked with his friends and acquaintances on their music, contributing the the debut albums of rappers Just John and Nineleaf as well as Hip-Hop duo/ band, Closed Circuit.  His musical style can be described as dark, but also energetic.  He constantly makes an effort to refine his sound and bring new elements into his music. He is currently studying at Metalworks Instutute and is enrolled in the Digital Music Production course to help in this endeavour.


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